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Learn the Game/Improve Your Game at the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge

Let our staff of PGA Professionals help you improve your golf game. No matter if you are just getting started, or are a single-digit handicap, looking to get to scratch, our professional staff will provide you with the instruction and game plan to enjoy golf, this fun game of a lifetime!
Nick Schremser is the PGA Director of Golf at The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge.  Nick has over 15 years of experience in the golf industry while working at clubs throughout the country.  Nick is a strong player, accomplished teacher and promoter of the game of golf.  Nick has experience teaching and coaching golfers of all skill levels.  He is a certified Callaway Club Fitter and has several years of experience working with 3-D Motion Swing Analysis.    
Private Instruction
$85 (45 Minutes)
$65 (30 Minutes)

Lessons include Certified PGA Professional instruction.  When booking your lesson, there will be an interview which assesses the current state of your game. This will help the instructor plan for the lesson.   
During the lesson our instructors will use video technology in order to assess your swing and suggest any improvements that may be needed.  Throughout the lesson, your instructor will use training aids to help make the necessary improvements.  The instructor will also introduce drills that can be used to help achieve your goals.  Lessons conclude with an overall review and our instructors will provide you will a scheduled performance plan. 
Playing Lessons
$150 (9 Holes)

Strategy is considered just as important to lowering your scores as the proper mechanics.  We analyze your course management based your mental approach, club selection and shot decision.  Playing lessons are with a PGA Certified Golf Instructor on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course.   These lessons will focus less on the swing and more on how to get the most out of your swing on the course.  Playing lessons begin with an interview assessing the current state of your game during a warm-up at the practice facility. 
Lesson Packages
$460 (6 Series)

Packages are available to help students work on all areas or specific areas of their game over a series of lessons.  A structured program will be created based on the students desires.  Packages will begin with an interview assessing the student’s current state of their game.  Students will receive Swing Analysis Software including FlightScope, V1 & Blast Motion in order to deliver maximum results.

Your Lesson Package includes:
5 Golf Lessons at the Practice Facility
1 Three Hole On-Course Lesson on a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
Each package will include a "Take it to the Tee" Gift
Lessons will include Certified PGA Golf Instruction